Webinars & Presentations

Life Event Banking: A Data-Driven Approach to Helping CU Members Better Manage Financial Lives Webinar
Big Data and a Small Credit Union
Analytics as the Fuel for Innovation - Implementing Analytics at OCCU
Using Data Analytics to Find the Sweet Spot between Mission and Profit
To Fish with a Net or a Spear: Implementing Analytics at CUTX
Leveraging your Data to Engage the Digital Financial Institution Member
Catching a Unicorn, Discussing Data Analytics with Clay Yearsley
Interchange Management as a Service
Segmentation is Everything: Mathematically - it's actually More! Featuring Steven Simpson PhD.
The Deep Future Analytics CECL Study: Alternatives, Impacts, Accuracy, and Complexity
That's a Wrap: Paul Ablack Recaps the Data Analytics Series - Data Analytics Series Bigcast
The CECL Effect: How the New Credit Loss Rule will Alter Financial Analytics - Data Analytics Series BIGcast
From Questions to Answers: Becoming a Data-Driven Organization - Data Analytics Series BIGcast
Sorting Socks: A Data Automation Conversation with Graham Goble
Unraveling CECL and a Practical Approach to Adoption
OnApproach on Fox Business Network
How to grow your portfolio and increse net margin: Loan pricing based on a lifetime profitability forecast
OnApproach on Fox Business Network