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Learn the Why, When and How of Credit Limit Increases 

Growing card balances and spend has become a big challenge for financial institutions especially credit unions which are competing with large banks for a share in the consumer's wallet. Your credit union is not unique in resorting to various card management strategies and offering members 0% balance transfers, free card upgrades, lucrative rewards on increased spend and card activation but still struggling to keep your performance up. What is missing - is to adopt a scientific approach in planning and executing these strategies to achieve desired success. Credit unions are striving hard to offer optimized credit limit increases (CLI) to members to improve member engagement and satisfaction. A poorly designed CLI campaign can cost you not only expensive marketing dollars with no results but worse subjecting the loan portfolio to higher risks. In this webinar we intend to elaborate upon a good CLI campaign and discuss ways to plan and execute it successfully. 
The webinar will include: 
  • Uniqueness of Credit Card as a Product
  • Different kinds of Card Campaigns and their analytics
  • Customized Credit Limit Increase (CLI) Campaigns
  • Why, When & How of CLIs
  • Importance of RC-CR Approach (Risk exclusion, Clustering – Compliance check, Recommendation)
  • Credit Union Success Stories 
Jan 23, 2019 1:00 PM CST
CU Rise AnalyticsCU Rise Analytics is a Virginia based global CUSO that was started with the sole mission of helping credit unions better understand, serve and support their members in the most effective & efficient manner. To do this credit unions need to be able to consolidate internal and external data, understand this data and then act on it in a way that benefits not only the credit union’s bottom-line but also the end consumer, their member.

Humanizing Data for Survival 

We are excited to feature Brian Ley of Alpharank on the next CU App Store Presents webinar. Brian will explain how credit unions can build customer graphs using anonymized transactions from a data lake and case studies of using the graph to enhance marketing. New member acquisition is the key to survival and prosperity for credit unions large and small. Brian will focus using the graph to attract new members efficiently via digital marketing.
Key Topics
  • Improve new household acquisition using your transaction data lake to build a customer graph.
  • Use the graph to target better prospects on digital media like Facebook and Google Ads.
  • Achieve higher conversion rates into real accounts that add equity to your credit union.


Thursday, January 24, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm CST

Register: http://info.onapproach.com/humanizing-data-for-survival-webinar-register 



Brian Ley, Founder & CEO, Alpharank

Brian’s lifelong interest in human networks led him to found Alpharank in 2011. Brian holds a BSc and a BA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Brian is also a founding member of the Dyslexic Entrepreneur Network, to support its members to own who they are, understand it and, best of all, love it.

About Alpharank
Want to know which of your customers would make your best Brand Ambassadors? Using the Alpharank Data as a Service we identify the brand ambassadors in your customer base so you can focus your outbound advertising and marketing efforts on them to generate the highest ROI for the most efficient out-of-pocket. Optimize your social advertising as well as your display ads by focusing your message on the heaviest influencers that will create the most pass-along impact for your sales.

Humanizing Data for Survival - Register for the Webinar

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The 6th Annual AXFI Conference addresses the growing need to make analytics and innovation a top priority for credit unions. This conference is designed to be of interest to all levels of credit union management, C-Level, VPs, Managers and Technical Staff. The Analytics Track is designed for those that understand their world is changing and seek a way to stay ahead of the curve. The Innovation Track will be unlike anything you’ve experienced, focusing on how we take the channels we have created to the next level. Come find out why Credit Unions are in the best position to succeed in the new digital world on June 9-12, 2019 at the Radisson Blu Mall of America – you won’t regret it!

Visit http://www.axficonference.com/ to learn more and register.